Wolfenstein: ET PB Installer with automatically ETKEY generation

Auto - Install for Windows (by Harlekin)

Harlekin from Hirntot created a little installer. They allow you to install the Punkbuster services on your Windows computer in an easy way...


  • wolffiles.de
  • (mirror) ETkey.eu

  • Manual installation of Punkbuster

    How you can install Punkbuster for Wolfenstein: ET manually

    Download the files for you operating system - (mirror) ETkey.eu

    • Linux
    • Windows
    • Latest Mac

    How to use:

      The pb folder should contain:
      a folder "htm", a folder "dll" and some dll (Windows) or so (Linux) files

    • Linux:
      Create a folder called "pb" in your ~/.etwolf folder and unzip the files to this folder.

    • Mac OS:
      Go to Finder ~/Library/Application Support/Wolfenstein ET/pb and unzip the files to this folder.

    • Windows XP, 7, 10:
      Create a folder called "pb" in your game-folder (the one which contains etmain) and unzip the files to this folder.

    Now join a server with activated punkbuster.

    Enable PB: Method 1

  • Start ET
  • Use the console
  • Enter /pb_cl_enable
  • Enter /pb_ver to check if PB is enabled, it should say something like; Punkbuster Client (v.1.274) Enabled
  • Enable PB: Method 2

    (Once PB is enabled the button will say Disable Punkbuster)

    Punkbuster has now been enabled. Close the game or enter /reconnect in your console to reconnect to the server you've been kicked from earlier.

    That's it

    Commands Overview

  • /pb_cl_enable: Enables Punkbuster at your client.
  • /pb_cl_disable: Disables Punkbuster at your client.
  • /pb_ver: Checks current Punkbuster status (enabled/disabled) and Punkbuster version.
  • /pb_cdkeyver: Sends verification to check etkey status.
  • /cl_guid: Displays full 32 character pbguid when present. A response of "unknown" or "NO_GUID" indicates that your Punkbuster client is disabled and/or you don't have an etkey (pbguid) yet. Enable Punkbuster and/or request/generate a new etkey.